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Delta Dental is proud to announce that our midtown dental office is Oravital® Certified! Every 3/4 people are infected with gingivitis because oral infection is highly transferrable: sharing food, kissing loved ones, or using the same toothpaste. However, with our Oravital® System, our team can easily screen your tongue and teeth for tissue damaging bacteria. Using Oravital® microbiology testing, oral disease can be easily detected and the spread of periodontal disease can be controlled in a non-invasive manner.

Our 5 step process will assess, diagnose, and re-evaluate your oral health annually (or semi-annually if indicated) to protect patients from harmful bacteria.

  • Oral diseases, including oral cancer and periodontitis, can be detected in its earliest stages.
  • Oravital® antibiotic antifungal rinse and cream treat and control oral infections in a non-invasive manner.
  • Maintenance programs effectively reduce inflammation, bleeding gums, and bad breath.
  • Preventative care for tissue and bone damaging bacteria that may lead to medical problems such as: heart attack, strokes, cardiovascular disease and more.

  • Our Oravital® System offers patients a comfortable, non-invasive, experience by providing the best personalized home care treatments to reduce periodontal disease. Visit Delta Dental today for an oral infection screening.

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